and manage your
Covid responsibilities

It is essential that your business operates safely during the current coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak

At Industrial Safety Solutions we have developed policies, systems of work and guidance designed to ensure you work safely and control the risks associated with operating during this pandemic.

We will direct you on controlling the risks associated with coronavirus and will assist you in facilitating the

  • implemention of social distancing measures
  • staggering of shifts
  • provision of additional handwashing facilities
  • communication and training for workers to keep them safe and healthy

We will ensure that your business will be compliant with the new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance where incidents of coronavirus may be reportable under RIDDOR. These are:

  • An unintended incident at work has led to someone’s possible or actual exposure to coronavirus. This must be reported as a dangerous occurrence


  • A worker has been diagnosed as having COVID-19 and there is reasonable evidence that it was caused by exposure at work. This must be reported as a case of disease

If you employ more than 50 people you will be required to publish your risk assessments and Safe Operating Procedures online. We also provide support with RIDDOR, including full assistance with any investigation through to completing the F2508(A) as necessary.

If you would like details of any of our COVID 19 services, please complete the form below: